Technology is immersed in many facets of our daily lives. It is incorporated into our entertainment, communication and the way we live. Our automobiles have gone high tech with computers monitoring everything from speed to air temperature. Computers also monitor the food in the refrigerator. Even the simple lock and key have experienced the technological change by featuring a keyless entry option. The keyless entry option is a great option over the standard lock and key model we are all familiar with.

What exactly is keyless entry?

It simply is not using a key to open a lock. With this option, you will use a keypad to unlock the door. The keypad has a pre-programmed code that when entered will unlock the lock. There is also a remote control that can unlock a lock. This is also called remote entry.

The keypad

The keypad’s advantage is that if you lock your keys in the car, you can retrieve them without calling an expensive locksmith. Likewise, if you loose them, you can still get inside your house.

The Remote Control

The remote control has many features that make it attractive compared to the standard lock and key and even the keypad. The remote control is small and can fit on the ring of a key chain. The remote control will allow you to unlock a car from several feet away. You can also unlock the trunk. This is a convenient option when you have an arm full of groceries or shopping bags. In the same way, you can lock the car after the family has walked away from the car. Thereby insuring that all doors are locked and the car is secure.

In addition, the remote control often comes with an alarm. The alarm is able to be activated and deactivated from several feet away. This is a great safety feature if you are leaving work late and going to a dark parking area. You can even activate the alarm if you feel threatened thereby drawing attention to yourself.

Besides safety the remote control option will allow you to start the car before you get to it. Imagine sitting in your house on a cold winter morning and being able to start the car and get it warm before you go out. Likewise, on a scorching summer day you can cool the car down before you get in.

Make a decision

When you decide that the keyless entry option is for you, there a few considerations you want to take in.

1. Price- How much does the keyless entry option cost for your home or auto? You may want to search several stores to find the best deal.

2. Features-What other features come with your keyless entry option. For example, some car remote controls have an option to open the doors only. If you want to be able to open the trunk make sure you double check with the salesperson.

In brief, keyless entry for your car or home is a great option. Decide on your needs, search out the best price and embrace the technological revolution!