Laptops are the most popular computer on the planet. They are lightweight, easy to use, and run for hours without requiring wires. If you’re looking for a laptop, take some time to compare shop, check the quality of the laptop build and see if the laptop’s life span suits your needs and wants.

Acer laptops
Acer is the economy brand of laptop. Do not expect them to last a long time, especially if bought refurbished. Even so, the Acer laptop provides value: run basic applications browse freely, run high definition videos and more- but there may be some things left out.

The durability of the cases may not be as great as with Sony or Apple’s laptops. In addition to this, Acer may not have the best customer service…just in case your laptop fails.

On the upside, Acer’s laptops are popularly cheap in stores where they are found. Some go for as low as $340, so an Acer is always a steal.

Sony Laptops
There are dozens of styles of laptops that students crave to have for their school work and studies. Many of these colorful designer laptops are available through Sony. Pick a beautiful neon blue design if you’re creative, a wild green neon color if you are outgoing and productive– each design by Sony suits a different personality. This is one of the advantages of having a Sony laptop: it expresses personality.

On the inside, Sony laptops have the very best; big hard drives, video cards to run great games – and everything needed to run basic applications like Microsoft Word and lots of web browsers with video.

Whatever the need, a Sony laptop can be a great choice because their quality of laptop build is very high; some models are still famously used today- even after their release 6 or 7 years ago!

Dell laptops
The industry standard for office laptops is provided by the Dell computer company. Many of their XPS series laptops serve the needs of the software developer niche which requires high end graphics cards and a massive amount of RAM to run all the applications.

Depending on the model that one chooses to purchase from Dell, it can have a life span of anywhere from 4 to 6 years. The most expensive ones tend to come with some guarantee or warranty on their life span, so you can expect a little more from them than the sub-$600 models.

Apple Laptops
Generally, Apple caters to design students and college grads that have a little extra money to spend on a luxury item. Apple’s computers are well designed, and suited to the discerning eye; a better color-reproduction LED screen is now a standard on all Apple laptops.

The downside is that Apple laptops are very pricy, perhaps costing more than they should in some cases. A $2000 laptop will have great specs – but a desktop of equal expenditure would last you ten more years than the Apple. Apples, However don’t have the same issues with viruses and there isn’t a need to spend so much money on anti virus software.

Many Apple customers claim their customer service, repair guarantees and other add-ins to the laptop purchase were well worth the extra-big price tag.

Deals online and eBay
Auctions are a great way to take off the extra price that manufacturers tack-on. Another way to save big on laptops is to purchase from another student who cannot keep the laptop for whatever reason; these second-hand laptops tend to be in fair or like-new condition.

eBay’s listings will provide a good set of prices that a buyer can use to compare to other retailers and local sellers, such as those found on Craigslist or elsewhere.

A Tip for Longer Laptop Life Spans
Turn the computer off when it is not being used. The extra time that a laptop fan is kept running produces more heat which can adversely affect components over the length of many months.

In the end, Apple laptops, Acer laptops, and Dell laptops are all suited to different needs. If you are looking for an economical choice – go with Dell or Acer, and don’t expect a long life span. For the long-term user, perhaps the Sony or Apple laptop will serve them well all the way to grad school and into their first internship at a firm.