You have just bought your dream camera. Now depending on the type of camera that you have just purchased you will need camera accessories to keep your camera maintained, or to perform more efficiently. We will be looking at a few things to keeping in mind when shopping for camera accessories.

The Battle Against Batteries

You’re going to want your digital camera to be dependable, and the way to achieve this is to either have a massive amount of batteries on hand, or to invest in a good quality battery charger. One thing to keep in mind is the type of batteries your digital camera uses.
Common batteries that are used by digital cameras are CR2, CR-V3, 123, AA, AAA, and special batteries that can only be special ordered. Most of the batteries that are special ordered are also sold with a charger included with the camera. Battery chargers and batteries can be purchased at any local retail store.
If you chose not to buy a battery charger, there are two types of batteries to consider purchasing alkaline or lithium. Alkaline will last for only a short amount of time in digital cameras. Your digital camera takes a lot of energy to maintain. That is why lithium batteries are suggested for these types of electronic devices, they are made to hold a charge for longer periods of time.
Overall if you are worried about your camera being there when you need it most, rechargeable batteries are highly recommended.

Where’s the Film Go?

Now if you bought 45mm film with your new purchase, then you bought it in the wrong place. Your digital camera stores data (pictures) on a memory card. The common types of memory cards used are SD, XD, Memory Stick, and depending how old your camera is you could even have a smart card still. You have to watch for the stores that try selling older style cameras. Some of the memory cards that the older cameras use are no longer in production and considered deleted items.
Now a days it is nothing to go into retail store and find a cheap memory card that is 1-4GB; The higher the number before the GB (gigabyte), the more pictures that will be stored on your camera. Now on the other hand if you have a 10 megapixel camera you will want to get a least a 4GB memory card. The higher your quality settings are set on, the less pictures you will be able to store on you digital camera.
So the important thing to take away is to know what type of memory card your digital camera takes and what quality you would like your photos to be. To touch on the megapixel side of it just a little. Picture specifics are: 1-2 megapixels good for web pages, 3-4megapixels 4X6 photos, 5-6 megapixels 5X7 photos, 7-8megapixels 8X10 photos, and 9-10megapixels good for larger prints.