Creating a Website


Building your own website can be a roller coaster ride of an experience, especially when you’re doing all the work yourself. You can go from feelings of joy, to anger, in just a few minutes. Yes, it can be a little frustrating, but as long as you have a few of the basics down, creating your own website can be just as rewarding as it is challenging.

Cell Phone Tracking


As cell phones become smaller and smaller, and of course, more expensive, the ability to track your cell phone has become an ever increasing concern. Cell phones can be easily lost, or stolen, when not looked after properly, or just by accident. Imagine the number of people that have left their cell phone in a taxi cab after a night of partying? Sometimes we even leave them at a friends … Continue reading

Tablet PCs


Let’s face it, with the release of Apple’s iPad, Steve Jobs and company pretty much own the tablet market right now. The iPad has quickly become the most popular tablet of choice not only for fun, but for business as well. A lot of people consider it to be nothing more than an oversized iPod Touch, but for those that have held and used one, they know that it is … Continue reading

Web Templates


Creating a website is a breeze, especially when you already have a web template to do the job for you. A web template is a pre-designed webpage that lacks only the content and photos, all of which you will add later. They either reduce, or completely eliminate, the need for a professional web designer. You can find many free web templates online, or pay a small fee for them. I … Continue reading